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Nowadays more and more upcoming rappers license their beats or instrumentals online to accelerate their artist career. Several hip-hop mixtapes, albums or EP’s are based on soundclick rap instrumentals that have been produced by young talented hip-hop producers who made their production music catalogues available online by uploading their beats on several music platforms like SoundClick, but also YouTube or SoundCloud. Ambitious semi-professional rappers can for a small fee purchase different licenses that grant usage rights for these soundclick instrumentals and can in this way record their lyrics on royalty free instrumentals to create new tracks, distribute and sell them on Spotify, iTunes or CDBaby and create a constantly increasing portfolio of music.

Soundclick instrumentals can boost your career, but rap beats are the better choice

Over are the times where rap artists had to record their lyrics on diluted free rap beats or cheap soundclick instrumentals. Thanks to the internet and you can now find already mixed and mastered professional produced rap instrumentals that are ready to be used as beats for your next mixtape. The increasing popularity of this manner and the progressive utilization of the beat licensing procedure caused the exponential spread of quality mixtape releases, including often more than just one soundclick instrumental. In order to ensure the best quality when recording your next piece of art you have to consider some crucial points to guarantee a certain quality standard.

Important requirements for soundclick instrumentals to qualify:

  • Minimum encoding bitrate of 128kBit/sec (or better) for MP3 files
  • 44.1 kHz sampled, 16.bit and stereo format for PCM-encoded WAV files
  • Mastering of the stereo mixdown at the maximum level of -0,2 dB to avoid clipping

Remember that the more attention is given to these points the better will be your final product. The ultimate objective should be to guarantee that the sound quality of your CD recording is as good as possible and this includes above all the instrumentals that you are using. Unfortunately we’ve experienced in the past, that a downloaded soundclick instrumental often doesn’t stand these quality standards.

Soundclick instrumental beats for unsigned rappers

Our broad selection of beats and the sorting according to their dedicated music genres like Hip-Hop, Dirty South or Trap make the sighting process fast and easy for finding the right instrumental for your particular needs. Just browse through the beat catalogue and find additional details in the beat descriptions like beats per minute, the name of the producer who made that beat or the music genre to refine your selection stepwise. Choosing one of these beats is a better decision for your artist career than just going for some semi-professional sounding soundclick hip hop instrumentals, because each of our instrumentals maintains the highest quality standards to meet the needs of the most demanding customers – professional mixed and mastered, the minimum encoding bitrate of 128kBit/sec and PCM-encoded WAV file format.