Below are the answers to some of the most common questions that we receive daily:

What is this site about?

RapBeats.net will help you to find the perfect rap beat by providing beats and instrumentals for your musical project, no matter whether you are using it for demo purposes, a whole cd production or a commercial movie work – if you take the time to listen our beat catalogue, we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

What file formats do I get when I buy a beat?

When you buy a beat from our marketplace you can download the instrumental as high quality MP3 file (256 kbps).

Will the voice tags and watermarks still be there when I buy a beat?

No, when you buy a beat you will get the instrumental WITHOUT the voice tag and watermarks.

What are the legal restrictions when I’m licensing a beat non-exclusive for $ 25 ?

When you license a beat from us for $ 25 you purchase a non-exclusive license to use that beat on your project and sell up to 3.000 unit’s of it – it’s like paying a one time fee for authorized usage. Instead of buying the exclusive rights for a beat this is especially for upcoming artists with a small budget a good option to get access to quality instrumentals without spending too much money for exklusive rights.

What happens when I purchased the exclusive rights for a beat ?

When you bought the exclusive rights for a beat you will receive the stereo mixdown and the tracked out stems of each instrument either in WAV or in AIFF format. You will further receive a contract clarifying you as the owner of the beat. The beat will be removed from the site and won’t be available anymore for customers.

Do these beats include samples, loops or any copyrighted music?

No, all beats that you can hear on this site are composed and created from scratch and do not include any copyrighted material. As there is no usage of samples or loops there’s no sample clearance required.

How can I make the payment?

We accept Paypal and payment by Credit Cards for non-exclusive licenses.

We optionally offer payment by wire transfer / money order..

How can I contact you for further questions or details ?

You can send a mail to support@rapbeats.net here or contact us on twitter or facebook for more informations.