RapBeats.net relaunch


RapBeats.net is relaunching its marketplace for urban production music today.

Unlike other music production marketplaces which are difficult to use, have expensive subscription rates or a poor customer service RapBeats.net is the most advanced website for musicians, beatmakers, urban music producers and anyone who need to find a solution to license their music in the best, quickest and most efficient way possible.

Today the marketplace has been substiantially upgraded and now offers the following features:

Producers using the RapBeats.net marketplace can take advantage of:

- their own subdomain
(g.e. http://rapbeats.net/producername)

- flash banners for customizing their profile

- a HTML5-player making beats streamable on mobile devices and tablets, protecting your beats from getting ripped (no MP3 file in source code detectable)

- instant payments via Paypal after purchase is done

- instant shipping of beat downloads to their customers

- an innovative tagging system to sort their beat catalog

- maximum exposure to our visitors on our main page

If you are interested in becoming a producer of RapBeats.net please contact us via mail.

RapBeats.net is developed and maintained by the RAPBEATS.NET UG, a company based in Berlin, specialised in the urban production music licensing field.

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