5 social media marketing tips to increase a rappers’ following

Social media marketing for musicians – simple but effective

Most artists especially rappers don’t know how to promote or market themselves effectively on social media channels. The key to success is to create sustainable relationships with your audience. Once you’ve converted a listener to a real fan you can count on his ongoing support and engagement in the future. Here is a short infographic with some basic ideas to help you getting started. Click on the graphic for the full size view.

Infographic social media marketing musicians

Effective music promotion depends on a good social media strategy

Reaping the benefits of good artist promotion and social media marketing is no rocket science but actually very easy to do, there are just some things that one should consider when developing a marketing strategy as an upcoming artist. If you follow these 5 steps you should see an increase of encouragement and attraction happening on all your used social media channels. No matter if you are promoting on facebook, twitter, YouTube or SoundCloud – just remember that you funnel your audience and always have a clear call to action defined.

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